Jewellery Software

    Just as a ‘Hallmark’ certifies the quality of Gold and Silver ornaments, “KeyPlus Multiservices ” has gained status of most reliable, effective and profitable system for managing jewellery business.KeyPlus Multiservices is widely accepted amongst jewellery retail showrooms, wholesale business houses, Jewellery wholesalers and manufacturers across Mumbai.


Real Time Inventory
Realtime inventory movement, Stock in hand, on approval goods, goods in transit in just few clicks
Secure & Scalable
Multi Branch & Multi department supported, easy to configure user rights with complete audit trail
ntegrated various MIS and Business inlelligence reports make your decision accurate and faster

Grow client business.

We will help you in growing up your business because we belive in strengthening relationships and fostering mutual growth for both of us.

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We have successfully completed 1092+ projects and still promoting people to grow their business in this competative digital world.



To fulfil all needs and exceed all expectations of our clients is the main aim that we passionately follow at KeyPlus Multiservices .



To become a prime performer, in providing quality Web and Software solutions in the competitive market of web solutions provider.


Professional Support

We provide 24/7 support for everey valuable client. We provide online as well as offline support from our service desk.